Our Bradford family tree - England to Australia

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George Bradford

Birth: 06-02-1791
(Herstmonceux, Sussex, England)
Marriage: 24-02-1812
(Folkington, Sussex, England)
Death: 1880

George Bradford was born in Herstmonceux, Sussex, England on the 6th of February 1791.

He married Harriet Chapman in Folkington, Sussex, England, on the 24th of February 1812. George and Harriet had their first child, Charlotte, on the 19th of July 1812 and were living in Arlington. 

According to the census, George was living at Barrack Ground Cottages with his wife Harriet and children in 1841.

After his wife Harriet died in 1844, George and his youngest son Charles moved in with his daughter, Harriet and family. In 1861, George was still living with them but they had moved to Church Lane. In 1871, at 80 years of age, George was living with his son John at Eastbourne Rd, and apparently disabled from old age.

George died in 1880, age 89.

Places of Residence:

1841 - Barrack Ground Cottages
1851 - 7 Cacklebury St, Hailsham
1861 - 176 Church Lane, Hailsham
1871 - 271 Eastbourne Rd, Hailsham


1841 - Agricultural Labourer
1851 - Agricultural Labourer
1861 - Agricultural Labourer
1871 - Disabled from old age

George Bradford in 1841 Census
George Bradford in 1851 Census
George Bradford in 1861 Census
George Bradford in 1871 Census

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